Project Description

Inspired by a poem of the same title that I wrote when I was just 19, this work explores diagonal shapes made from my own style of applying multiple coloured dots of paint to canvas.
Thousands of dots of colour of differing shades and sizes blend together to create a group of chiasmus shapes across the painting.
Painted on a deep square canvas, this work took two weeks to complete with no blocks of colour painted – only the dots lead the eye to form the larger shapes.
As always, each dot of colour is carefully placed and the texture of the paint on the canvas reveals a rugged impasto feel when touched.
For me this work is reminiscent of modern stained glass, or perhaps the decoration of a traditional Persian marriage booklet. As with all art…it is what you want it to be.
Signed, dated and titled on the reverse of the canvas.

Available to buy through Saatchi Art – click here